by Roselyn Samuels

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The depiction of the godly character that all ladies need to always try to attain is seen in the virtuous woman. Sadly, we live in a time in which the virtues possessed by this woman are often lacking in our society.

We read of her in Proverbs 31.

This worthy woman has been placed in a situation where all these wonderful characteristics are seen. Our Lord is so magnificent! He knew that in this way, our desire to obtain these virtues would ultimately be seen to be to our advantage. Think how wonderful it would be for your family if they had a wife and/or mother at home possessing this high-mindedness. Some may ask, “Why should I put so much time and effort into my having these virtues?” We all know that change at times can be hard, but how much better things would be!!! A change for the better is worth the effort. Our husbands would be thrilled with the incredible change and what a fortunate gift this would be to our children.

Our beauty needs to be an inner beauty. We must come to a realization of the values God wants us to possess and continue to strive to conduct our lives so that others see them in us. Whenever we choose to live our lives without these attributes, we are only hurting ourselves in the long haul. You might have seen a wonderful Christian woman who was a good example of what God wants in a woman.

In verse 1-9 we see the mother counseling her son as to the dangers he will face. She warns him out of her love and concern for his soul and knows that these predicaments could easily hinder his service to the Lord. She may have seen this dilemma in other marriages and therefore is aware of it’s consequences. The word prophecy means massive guidance which is pondered by the listener.

She warns him about the dangers involved with a loose, immoral woman. Solomon speaks in the book of Proverbs of the ‘strange’ woman. She warns him of the dangers of strong drink. She warned him strongly about the danger of forgetting and conducting himself in such a way as to be unable to firmly direct or execute the law should he drink alcoholic beverages.
Verses 10-27=Throughout the book of Proverbs Solomon warns us of the ‘strange’ woman. This ‘strange’ woman is without virtue . In contrast Solomon tells us of the worthy woman. This worthy woman is of great value to her husband and her children. This ‘strange’ woman brings harm and death. We see a caring and loving mother warning her son out of love and concern for his soul..

This worthy woman is considerably priced above all GEMS. She is careful with all areas of economics . She rises early to see to the supplies her family will need that day.

Because of her high value, her husband is completely satisfied with her. He has confidence in her due to her industrious nature . She works at home as if she were on a payroll. We are so blessed to have such a worthy woman as an example!!


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